Educational Consultant

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Job Description

Experience and job tasks:

The ability to analyze the current situation in organizations, including choosing an analysis methodology for various aspects of the organization, with the ability to understand processes and systems to identify strengths and weaknesses and then identify gaps and come up with recommendations.

Ability to conduct normative studies, including defining selection criteria and conducting in-depth studies to come up with best work-related practices

The ability to think and plan strategically, which includes knowledge about strategic planning and the ability to set goals, strategic initiatives and performance indicators according to the needs of projects.

The ability to build individual development plans, which includes determining the evaluation methodology, coming up with the required competencies, and determining the baseline for the competencies, needs, and skills required for the target groups.

Ability to build various business models, including designing the detailed business model, operational model, and financial model.

The ability to build executive plans for initiatives, including preparing the detailed scope of work for the executive plan, including stages, objectives, projects, outputs, budget, and the follow-up and evaluation plan.

Knowledge of multiple sectors.

Previous experience: This includes working in the field of consulting work on various projects in governmental and private organizations.



Bachelor's degree from an accredited university

Experience in well-known consulting companies


- Education Expertise: A strong understanding of different educational systems, methods, and theories is essential for an educational consultant. This includes knowledge of curriculum development, teaching techniques, and assessment strategies.

- Communication: Excellent verbal and written communication skills are necessary for an educational consultant. This includes the ability to effectively convey information and provide guidance to school administrators, teachers, and other stakeholders.

- Problem-solving: Educational consultants should be skilled problem solvers, capable of analyzing complex educational issues, identifying the root causes, and developing effective solutions.

- Research and Analysis: Strong research and analytical skills are necessary for an educational consultant. This includes the ability to collect and analyze data, assess the effectiveness of educational programs, and make data-driven recommendations.

- Collaboration: Educational consultants often work alongside school administrators, teachers, and other professionals. The ability to collaborate and work effectively as part of a team is crucial.

- Adaptability: Educational consultants should be adaptable and flexible, able to navigate change and meet the evolving needs of educational institutions and their stakeholders.

- Organization and Time Management: Educational consultants frequently juggle multiple projects and deadlines. Strong organizational and time management skills are necessary to prioritize tasks and meet project goals.

- Presentation Skills: Educational consultants may be required to deliver presentations to school administrators, teachers, and other stakeholders. Strong presentation skills, including the ability to engage an audience and clearly convey information, are important.

- Technology Proficiency: Educational consultants should be comfortable using educational technology platforms and tools to support their work, such as learning management systems, data analysis software, and virtual collaboration tools.

- Continuous Learning: As the field of education evolves, educational consultants should demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning and professional development. Staying up to date with the latest research, trends, and best practices is essential.

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Job Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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