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Job Description

An exam invigilator is a person who supervises students during examinations and ensures that the exam rules and regulations are followed. The main duties and responsibilities of an exam invigilator are:


  • Prepare the exam room before the students enter, by setting out the exam papers, computers and materials on the correct desks.
  • To check the students’ identity (college id, national id), attendance and eligibility for the exam, and to collect any unauthorized items such as cell phones, smart watches or notes.
  • To give clear instructions to the students before the exam starts, such as how to fill out the answer sheets, how much time they have and what to do if they need assistance.
  • To monitor the students during the exam and to prevent any cheating, disruption or misconduct. Fill out the malpractice form in case there is any case.
  • To escort the students to the restroom or other facilities if needed, under exam conditions.
  • To deal with any emergencies or incidents that may occur during the exam, such as fire alarms, medical issues or technical problems, and to report them to the exam officer or team leader.
  • To collect the exam papers and answer sheets at the end of the exam, or ensure that the trainee has submitted the exam if the exam is conducted on an online platform, and to ensure that they are complete, accurate and secure.
  • Return the attendance sheet, invigilation report, exam papers and answer sheets to the exam office or team leader as soon as possible after the exam.


To be an exam invigilator, you need to have:


  • Good command of listening and spoken English
  • Sound oral and written communication skills
  • Should have Microsoft Office skills and understands computer systems and have experience working with software applications.
  • An experience to conduct exams in a school, college or other educational institution setting.
  • A confident and calm demeanour
  • A team player attitude, with the ability to work on your initiative
  • An organized and structured way of working
  • A respectful and professional manner towards students and colleagues
  • Should have a bachelor's degree.


Other important details.

  • It will be a long-term contract and the individual will be paid for per exam session or per day basis. One exam session can be from 1 hour to 3 hours.
  • On a few occasions, exams might start as early as 6 am and as late as 10 pm.


- Strong attention to detail
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
- Ability to remain calm under pressure
- Organizational skills
- Ability to follow instructions accurately
- Time management skills
- Integrity and honesty
- Patience
- Problem-solving skills
- Confidentiality awareness

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Job Details

Job Location Saudi Arabia
Job Role Teaching and Academics
Employment Type Temporary Employee

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Career Level Entry Level
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